Divorcing couples row over sex toys

When marriages break down deciding who gets to keep what can be a tough task, and it seems some couples are even in dispute over their sex toy collection.

According to a solicitor at Divorce Law Scotland, vibrators and other gadgets topped the list of strange items that divorcing duos fought about last year.

Bed sheets also made the top five, with neither partner willing to give them up.

“Things that don’t mean a lot to some are important to others and people shouldn’t be embarrassed about coming forward with things they want,” Amanda Wilson told the Daily Record.

Whether divorcees want kinky toys to remind them of better times, or whether they’re hoping to use them with a new partner, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, research carried out across 30 Novotel hotels in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji showed that it’s not uncommon for guests to leave sex toys behind in their rooms when they check out.

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