Did nanny poison Ann Summers tycoon?

The nanny of Jacqueline Gold has appeared in court accused of poisoning her boss.

33 year old Allison Cox, was hired to look after Ms Gold’s daughter Scarlett last year but has since been charged with the alleged poisoning.

Three charges were read out by the clerk who claimed the 33-year-old maliciously administered Miss Gold a poison with intent to injure, aggrieve or annoy. Cox used salt to poison her boss, in Westerham, Kent, on September 29, Redhill magistrates were told.

On October 4, at the same location, the substance involved was said to be sugar. A day later, at Caterham, in Surrey, screen wash was allegedly added.

Tests carried out on odd tasting soup showed the presence of screen wash led to the arrest of Miss Cox.

The nanny has not entered a plea and the case has been referred to the crown court.

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