Cuddles and kisses ‘better than sex’

You’ve finally got time for a quiet night in with your other half, so how do you spend your evening?

Do you hot step it to the bedroom to enjoy some sizzling action between the sheets, or do you cuddle up on the sofa and watch Eastenders?

Apparently more than half of UK couples would prefer the latter option, the Daily Mail reported.

A survey by healthcare firm Bayer showed that while 98 per cent of people think sex is important in a relationship, 53 per cent would rather spend time kissing and cuddling.

When asked what was holding them back, 88 per cent cited stress, tiredness and arguments, while 51 per cent blamed social networking websites for their lack of physical intimacy.

Earlier this year, a survey by the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine revealed that the average married couple in the UK has intercourse nine times a month.

Some 22 per cent of women said they were very happy with their sex lives, compared to 16 per cent of men.

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