Courtney Cox schedules sex with hubby

Actress Courtney Cox makes sure she has time for sex with her husband by scheduling it into her busy diary.

David Arquette revealed on US television that he and his wife live a hectic lifestyle, so planning ahead is essential.

"When you get married, you just don’t have sex as much as some people," he told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

"You’ve got to start scheduling it. We schedule it. It’s like, once a week. If it doesn’t happen, daddy gets upset."

The Scream star said that on New Year’s Eve the couple had some great sex because they had missed their last weekly session.

Scheduling nookie certainly sounds like something Courtney’s Friends character Monica would do.

In one episode, during which Phoebe gets married, her on-screen husband Chandler asks her to wear her wedding planner headset in bed, to which she replies: "I have you scheduled for nudity at 2300 hours."

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