Couples ‘too tired for sex’

You get home from work after a long and exhausting day, you’ve got chores to do and mouths to feed. The last thing on your mind is sex.

Apparently you’re not alone. According to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation in the US, many married couples and those living together are simply too tired to get intimate in the evening.

The research revealed that on average, couples are too sleepy for intercourse between 21 and 26 per cent of the time.

It also examined the sexual habits of different ethnic groups and revealed that ten per cent of African-Americans and Hispanics get busy in the bedroom every night, compared to just four per cent of Caucasians and one per cent of Asians.

The results mirror those gathered recently by healthcare firm Bayer, which found that 88 per cent of UK couples believed tiredness and stress gets in the way of regular sex.

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