Couple taken to court over noisy sex sessions

A UK couple have been taken to court after neighbours complained about the noise they made during sex.

Caroline and Steve Cartwright, from Tyne and Wear, apparently have such a good time together that their passionate cries can be heard through the walls.

Neighbours claimed the sounds drowned out the noise from their television sets and kept them awake on numerous evenings.

The couple were issued with a noise abatement notice, which was breached when the local council recorded levels of up to 47 decibels.

One neighbour described the noises as “unnatural” and said it sounded as though both participants were in considerable pain.

The pair have now appealed the conviction, claiming it breaches their human rights.

Ms Cartwright also insisted she can’t control the noises she makes during intercourse and has always reacted in such a way.

But it seems it’s not the first time neighbours have been driven to distraction by noisy sex sessions on the other side of the wall.

Last month, the Daily Record reported that a man in Scotland had attacked two people from the house next door with a hammer after complaining about the din for two years.

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