Condom ads to air before the watershed

Condom brands will now be able to air their advertisements on television before the watershed under new rules agreed by advertising regulators.

They said the historic ban on broadcasting condom ads before 21:00 GMT would be lifted so that they can now be shown at any time of the day.

It is hoped that the move will help to reduce teenage pregnancy rates in the UK.

Advertisers will not, however, be able to air commercials during programmes aimed at children under the age of ten.

Campaigns must also comply with strict rules regarding taste and decency, and should promote social responsibility.

Commenting on the decision, Julie Bentley chief executive of sexual health charity FPA, said: “Protecting your sexual health is a serious matter so it’s important that the public sees that using condoms is a normal and regular part of life.”

Other charities and health organisations have welcomed the move, although it has been criticised by the Church of England, which warned that it could encourage underage sex.

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