Colin Firth unsure over sex symbol label

Women around the world may swoon after Mr Darcy, but it appears that Colin Firth no longer believes he is a sex symbol.

The actor, who is now 49, told Hello! magazine that he thinks he is getting to old for such attention.

“I probably would not get it if I had not been known. I certainly wouldn’t get the attention I get if I hadn’t been on screen.”

As well as playing Mr Darcy, Firth has also played the hero in the Bridget Jones movie and the gay father of the main character in Mamma Mia.

He added: “My wife is very useful at helping me keep my feet on the ground.”

Firth has also played the part of a sexy older man in Love Actually and The Accidental Husband.

He is currently filming the role of King George VI for The King’s Speech, which is due to be released in 2010.

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