Cold weather freezes bedroom action

The sex lives of British couples have been suffering this winter as they wrap up warm to ward off the chill in bed.

According to a survey by, more than half of Brits have been wearing pyjamas to bed instead of jumping under the covers naked.

Some 43 per cent have been keeping their socks on, while 22 per cent have gone to bed wearing items of clothing and 15 per cent have bought thermal underwear to keep warm at night.

It’s hardly surprising then, with all these extra layers on, that 17 per cent of people think their sex life has gone downhill because of the freezing conditions.

“It seems the cold weather has meant many of us have been reduced to hibernating under the duvet and putting extra layers on rather than stripping off,” said Mark Greening, head of utilities at

Yet having sex could be just what couples need to heat up their bedrooms without having to spend more money on their gas bills.

Perhaps Brits should take some tips from this year’s winter Olympians, who didn’t let the snow get in the way of some good old-fashioned nookie.

Officials at the games handed out 100,000 free condoms to competing athletes to make sure they protected themselves while having fun after their events.

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