Chocolate ‘better than sex’

Women are known for their love affair with chocolate, but is it really better than sex? Apparently so, if a new survey is anything to go by.

According to the Daily Express, the research, carried out by cereal bar brand Fibre Plus, showed that more than one in five women would give up nookie before they renounced chocolate.

One-third said they daydream about the sweet stuff, but only 18 per cent said they think about sex during the day.

Men don’t seem to share this fascination. Just 11 per cent have chocolate on their minds most days, whereas 60 per cent regularly contemplate sex.

Commenting on the findings, Fibre Plus spokeswoman Sally Tribe said: "Women turn to chocolate for comfort, or to cheer themselves up. For many, it never disappoints."

So guys, the solution? Simply grab some chocolate body paint and turn yourself into a human chocolate bar to tempt your lady. Problem solved.

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