Chinese hospital creates a special ‘Love Room’ for couples trying to conceive

Believe it or not, a hospital in China has created a special room to help couples that are struggling to get pregnant.  The idea is to ‘inspire sexual passion’ in couples. The room has been decked out with erotic art, plush furniture, including a sexy round bed, and red lighting.

As well as the erotic atmosphere, the ‘love room’ has been equipped with a wide variety of sex toys, sexy outfits, including doctor, nurse and air hostess costumes, and a library full of porn.

The sex room, in Songziniao Hospital in the city of Wuhan, is rented by the night, at quite a high price, and includes having fertility experts available to give advice and boost your chances of conceiving.

In theory it’s not a bad idea. It might give couples access to things they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Maybe they never knew that sex toys or air hostess outfits could rock their world. Perhaps for some couples, knowing that fertility experts are outside the room might be comforting. At a time when China is trying slow down it’s population growth, it is certainly an interesting creation.

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