Cheryl facing sex ban

As she recovers from malaria, singer Cheryl Cole has been told by her doctors that she must not have sex.

The Girls Aloud star, who was infected with the disease during a holiday in Tanzania, has been recuperating in hospital over the last few weeks.

She has now returned home to her Surrey mansion where she is being cared for by her mum Joan.

Before she left the ward, doctors laid down a number of rules, including a ban on nookie until she is fully recovered.

A source close to the X Factor judge told the Sun: “Cheryl managed to summon enough energy for a giggle when she was given the news about a sex ban.

“It is the last thing on her mind right now.”

However, once she’s back on her feet, it might not be long until she’s indulging in a little bedroom action.

In May, she reportedly told her backing dancers that she was “gagging for it” following her split from husband Ashley.

One dancer in particular may be happy to hear this. Derek Hough has been by her side since Cheryl was diagnosed with malaria. He travelled with her to Tanzania and the pair are believed to be an item.

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