Cheeky chimps use sex toys

It’s a well-known fact that chimpanzees use tools. It’s what distinguishes them from other animal species and proves that they are in fact our closest relatives.

But chimps may have more in common with humans than we think.

Researchers examining primate behaviour in Tanzania have come across a group of monkeys using tools to initiative sex.

That’s right, our cheeky friends also use sex toys!

William McGrew from the University of Cambridge said male chimpanzees have been seen plucking dried leaves from trees and using them to attract females.

Apparently the lady chimps like the "rasping" sound they make.

Mr McGrew said the male will sit down so that the female can see his erection and then tear the leaves bit by bit, dropping the pieces on the ground.

"Presumably she sees the erection and puts two and two together, and if she’s interested, she’ll typically approach and present her back side, and then they’ll mate," he explained.

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