Cheating doesn’t have to be the end

Infidelity can encourage a couple to become more committed to each other, a relationship counsellor has said.

Paula Hall, a psychotherapist working with the charity Relate, said that cheating usually damages relationships but such an event can also be an opportunity to renew commitment.

The analyst explained that couples often don’t realise how easy it is to succumb to temptation until they already have and with more and more people working apart from their partners, there are more opportunities to fall into this trap.

She added: “Some individuals and couples are able to learn from their infidelity. They learn more about themselves and their boundaries and they learn more about their relationship and the things they need to cherish more and also the things they need to work harder at.

“It’s certainly true that infidelity is usually a crisis point in a relationship, even when the partner never finds out, but it can be an opportunity to increase commitment.”

Last month, a report from OnePoll revealed that a quarter of people are not happy in their current relationship and a fifth admit they are in love with someone other than their partner.

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