Charity shop gets a shock

A charity shop in Scotland has been receiving some rather unorthodox items in its donation bags recently.

According to the Highland News, a number of used sex toys have been handed in to the Barnardos store in Inverness.

Manager Dolina Macrae said: "We’ve had sexual aids and creams, maybe bought for partners who then don’t want them."

She said it’s not possible for the shop to sell the naughty goods on, as many are not in their original packaging and have quite obviously been put to use.

Even if they were brand new, Ms Macrae said it would be inappropriate to put them on the shelves, as Barnardos is a children’s charity.

"Sometimes I think people just hand things like that in to see what reaction the shop worker will have," she explained. "I never give them one. We’ve seen it all before."

Of course it would be a shame to simply bin your old sex toys, especially if they’ve provided you with plenty of pleasure over the years.

But perhaps the best thing to do is to donate them to a specialist sex toy recycler who will dispose of them sustainably.

Who knows, your trusty old vibe could be transformed into a brand new product that will blow your mind!

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