Carla Bruni ‘sex talk’ clip surfaces

Since marrying French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni has tried hard to prevent her a colourful past from attracting too much media attention.

But surely the former model knew it would only be a matter of time before an interview she did for Channel 4’s infamous Eurotrash show emerged online?

The clip, which was posted on video sharing website YouTube, shows a 28-year-old Carla discussing sex in several different languages.

During the interview with presenter Antoine de Caunes, she pulls out an international sex phrase book called Hot International Love and Sex Guides.

“We need these kind of books because we’re travelling all around the world, we’re meeting new people and we want to know what to tell them in case we get into bed with them,” she explains.

The French first lady then proceeds to translate the phrase ‘you get me very hot’ into four different languages and asks the interviewer whether he likes her “titties”.

Carla’s saucy streak made the headlines earlier this month when a new book about Barack Obama’s presidency was published.

In it, author Jonathan Alter revealed how she confessed to America’s first lady Michelle Obama that she wanted more sex with her husband.

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