Cancel your gym membership and have more sex

Desperate to tone up before baring all on the beach this summer? Then cancel your gym membership and just have sex instead.

According to a survey by Kwai garlic, almost half of people think of sex as exercise, and it can be if you get energetic between the sheets.Six out of ten of those questioned said they are ready for a nap straight after sex because they have worn themselves out.One-quarter said they feel “completely exhausted” after a lovemaking session and only 14 per cent would consider going at it again.

Kwai garlic pointed out that regular sex is known to have health benefits, particularly for older people.”People over 45 should add sex to their exercise routine in order to help maintain optimum heart health while having fun,” said spokesman Iain Laing.Shaping up through sex could have the added benefit of boosting your libido, making you crave it even more.According to sex therapist Sue McGarvie, shedding just a few pounds can have a dramatic effect on people’s sex drives.

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