Can you forgive an affair?

Your boyfriend has cheated. Do you send him packing, or do you listen to his reasons for straying and try to work on your relationship?

According to relationship author and flirt expert Sue Ostler, it’s an intensely personal decision.

She pointed out that some women have a huge stake invested in the partnership, while others will find it easier to leave.

With this in mind, ladies should perhaps think twice before judging other women who choose to stick by their cheating partners.

However, Ms Ostler said that in many cases, women know they should end the relationship, but they get lost in "rescue operations".

"Typically this is because they are nurturers and are so confident they can fix it."

But can they? Perhaps in some cases, couples can work through their problems, but Ms Ostler warned that in general, someone who gets away with cheating the first time is more likely to do it again.

Ring any bells Ashley Cole?

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