Cameron loves animal sex

Cameron Diaz has opened up publically about her bedroom fantasies, claiming she’s into passionate, animalistic sex.

In a tell-all interview with Playboy magazine, the sexy actress confessed to being a wild cat in the sack.

“I’m primal on an animalistic level, kind of like, ‘Throw me over your shoulder. You man, me woman’,” she revealed.

The 37-year-old added that physical contact is crucial to success in the bedroom.

“I love physical contact. I have to be touching my lover, like, always. It’s not optional,” she said.

Diaz, who dated singer Justin Timberlake for three years, is currently single and isn’t looking for anything at the moment.

She explained: “I’ve been in relationships since I was 16 years old. In the past three years I’ve made a conscious decision not to be in a relationship for as long as I want.”

And on her ex, who is now seeing actress Jessica Biel, Cameron said: “We’re adults. Of course we could work together.”

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