Cabbages and Condoms

How cool is this? A restaurant is giving out contraceptive advice! After huge success in Thailand, Cabbages and Condoms has opened a branch in Bicester, near Oxford.

The restaurant is the latest offering from Thailand’s Population and Community Development Association (PDA). The PDA began by educating members of local communities about family planning and sexual health and then helped them to advise others and distribute contraceptives. Their programs have helped to lower the national population growth rate quite significantly and increase awareness about sexual health.

The idea behind the name Cabbages and Condoms was to encourage people to think of buying condoms as ordinary and as commonplace as buying cabbage. The restaurants have done so well in Thailand they decided to branch out. Opening to rave reviews for excellent food, the Oxford restaurant is doing really well.

After your meal, you are given a leaflet about sexual health and contraception and encouraged to buy some of their condom related merchandise. All of the proceeds from the merchandise go to their charity, which continues to ‘promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning…’

Sounds like my kind of restaurant!

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