Businessman finds relief after three-week erection

A businessman from India was forced to visit his doctor after suffering a prolonged erection that lasted a staggering 21 days.

The 55-year-old had to have an emergency operation to relieve him of his condition, which was not, incidentally, caused by an overdose of Viagra.

His state of arousal was apparently triggered by a nervous system disorder, which prevented blood from draining out of his penis.

But far from having three weeks of non-stop fun, the poor man almost died. Doctors said it was lucky he came to the hospital when he did.

“If the erection persists for more than an hour, the supply to the penis is reduced, which can damage the organ,” explained Doctor Avishek Mukherjee.

“If the supply remains cut off for a long time, the penis can even become gangrenous.”

While they managed to save his life, he was left impotent following the operation.

One man who had much better luck on the operating table was a 21-year-old patient in Israel known as Ibrahim.

Following an “overzealous” circumcision he was left with a three centimetre-long penis, but surgeons were able to lengthen it to 11 centimetres and ensure he had functional erections, the Metro reports.

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