Brits spend 49 days and 13 hours having sex

Ever wondered how long you’ll spend having sex during your lifetime? Well wonder no more.

According to a study by Lloyds Pharmacy, the average individual will clock up 49 days, 13 hours and 41 minutes of nookie, the Mirror reports.

The researchers came to this conclusion by finding out how often the nation’s sexually active adults get down to business.

They then asked them how long the average sex session takes and from there worked out the typical person’s “sexual mileage”.

However, Clare Kerr from Lloyds Pharmacy’s online doctor service said the figures showed a wide variation.

Indeed, she said the least sexually active people were found to spend just a day and a quarter of their lives between the sheets, while the randiest respondents clocked up over 170 days.

Of course your sexual mileage will depend on whether you continue having sex when you are older.

Two American studies conducted earlier this year found that at 30, a man can expect to enjoy another 35 years of sexual activity, while women of the same age only have another 31 years left

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