Britons to ditch the gym for sex in 2011

The post Xmas squeeze and pending VAT increase is forcing Britons to opt for bedroom Olympics over a new gym membership a survey has revealed.

The survey by claims that over 48% of gym goers asked will not be renewing their membership in 2011 and 36% of those people will be turning to their lovers for help in shifting the pounds and keeping fit.

41% of people surveyed claim that sex doesn’t feel like exercise at all making it the perfect fat buster and 45% say that they put more effort into lovemaking as they enjoy it more.

The average Brit has sex approximately three times a week for 24 minutes a time, equating to about a 450 calorie loss a week – almost the same as 3 low impact aerobic sessions. Yet the typical gym member faces expensive membership fees, a luxury it seems that we will be struggling to afford in 2011.

However, if sex is not your thing, here are some other forms of everyday calorie killing activities, perfect for keeping your bank balance as healthy as you.

Based on 30 minutes of activity:

Housework 111 calories

Yoga 114 calories

Dancing 129 calories

Gardening 118

Monique Carty of says, “We weren’t surprised at the results. Sex gives you a complete body workout and is cheaper and more enjoyable than the gym, plus, getting motivated isn’t as hard!”

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