British men ‘last longer in bed’

European men may win on romance, but when it comes to getting down and dirty beneath the sheets, it is British blokes who emerge victorious.

According to new research carried out by Utrecht University, UK males last longer in bed than many of their continental counterparts.

The average British man can have penetrative sex for ten minutes before climaxing, while those in Spain hang on for less than five.

Researchers told the Sun newspaper that they found no major difference in the performance of those who use condoms.

However, they did discover that men who drink alcohol before getting jiggy tend to last longer than those who don’t.

Given their love of booze, this could explain why UK chaps are top of the league!

Of course a healthy sex life isn’t all about stamina, as love and affection also plays an important part.

Unfortunately, a recent study by psychologist Richard Wiseman concluded that British men are among the least romantic in the world.

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