Britain bares all for sex survey

More than one in ten men and one in every 100 women has paid for full sex, a new poll reveals.

The 2010 Sex Survey, carried out for Metro News by Harris Interactive, has displayed the naked truth behind closed doors in Britain, with over half us agreeing that it should be legal to pay for sex in the UK.

While women are at home playing with their sex toys and reading erotic literature, almost a third of men are seeking thrills in strip clubs, the research suggests.

Sexpert Sue Ostler, author and manager of a FlirtDiva Academy, told the newspaper the findings weren’t surprising at a time when people are looking for a distraction from the doom and gloom of everyday life.

"People want sex and they want it now," she said.

"[But] there’s not as much time to invest in meaningful relationships, so people are spending money on entertaining themselves through sex; whether it’s surfing for porn or casual sex online, or going to sex shows."

Although there are an increasing number of people paying for their sexual experiences, a survey released today by the Department of Health revealed some shocking ‘sextistics’.

Apparently two-thirds of people do not use a condom when they have sex with a new partner for the first time.

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