Brazilian government advocates regular sex

Can you ever imagine Gordon Brown, David Cameron or Nick Clegg telling you to have more sex?

That’s exactly what Brazil’s government told its citizens, claiming that regular nookie is good for their health.

The country’s health minister Jose Gomes Temporao urged Brazilians to be more active in order to ward off chronic illnesses.

"A weekend football game must not be the only physical activity," he stressed, pointing out that a bit of bedroom action can help people stay fit.

Speaking to journalists, he insisted: "It’s not a joke. It’s serious. Having regular physical exercise also means sex, always with protection of course."

Mr Temporao offered the advice during the launch of a campaign to prevent high blood pressure, which affects almost a quarter of the Brazilian population.

Maybe if Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats included sex advice in their election manifestos more people would be turning out to vote on May 6th.

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