Boost your sex life – sleep apart

A growing number of couples are taking steps to boost their sex lives by sleeping in separate rooms, it has been claimed.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, sleeping apart has several benefits for some spouses and long-term partners.

One couple who believe having separate bedrooms has revived the passion in their marriage are 58-year-old Jean Collom and her 62-year-old husband Mike.

They told the newspaper that their decision has allowed them both to get a good night’s sleep, allowing them to put more energy into sex.

“If either of us is feeling in the mood, then we start off the night in bed with each other, but then move before we fall asleep,” Jean explained.

“And occasionally we’ll tiptoe down the hallway and pay one another a visit, which has an element of naughtiness to it that makes us feel young again.”

Sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley explained that couples suffer sleep disturbance for at least half of the night when they share a bed, thanks to snoring, duvet-hogging and fidgeting.

“It isn’t the done thing in Britain for happily married people to admit they don’t share a bed, but I know that many couples are doing this,” he remarked.

According to a survey carried our in 2008 by night cramp treatment specialist Crampex, one in five people suffer disturbed sleep every night because of their partner.

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