Body odour and bad breath ‘the biggest turn offs’

If you’re on the hunt for a new partner, then personal hygiene should be a big consideration if the results of a new survey are anything to go by.

According to online dating website, body odour and bad breath are the biggest turn offs for single men and women.

Some 43 per cent of respondents said they would be put off if a potential partner had whiffy armpits, while 32 per cent said poor oral hygiene would be a major no-no.

So before you go on that first date, make sure you spritz on plenty of deodorant and brush your teeth carefully.

And if your date wears glasses, it’s even more important that you have a pleasant aroma, as the survey found that people with impaired vision are more likely to turn their nose up at body odour, possibly because they have a heightened sense of smell.

That’s the turn offs taken care of, what about the turn ons? For women, a nice smile and a good sense of humour does it, according to a survey by popcorn brand Butterkist, while guys are happy with a great body and an ample cleavage.

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