Blushing brides and buzzing vibes

A recent American study called ‘Sex Toys & The Modern Bachelorette Party’ has found that sex toys for couples are  increasingly becoming the preferred gift for the modern hen night.

Whereas fifty years ago the concept of such a risqué party was not only highly taboo but also virtually unheard of, brides today consider their hen night as much a part of wedding preparations as tasting cakes, inspecting venues and endless dress fittings. Naturally the maid-of-honour will need to find a way to make this a night one to remember (or not as the case may be!), an adult-themed party is proving to be a popular alternative to ‘going out on the lash’.

To properly prepare an adult themed hen party, complete with a few imaginative sex toys for women, you need to first consider the audience in attendance. There is a wide array of adult toys at sites such as, so take some time to review each item carefully to ensure that you are selecting things that are a good fit for the party. What you think is funky and cool may come across are offensive to the bride’s 75 year old grandmother. If some party attendees are uncomfortable, this will put a damper on the party and will make everyone ill at ease!

Another excellent idea is to have a two-part hen party. For the first section you can include the bride’s extended family, which is likely to be multi-generational. For the second portion of the party, or something of an “after-party”, you can dismiss the older folks and party with the bride’s peers. This should loosen things up and everyone can have a great time commenting on the adult toy gifts that the bride has received.

It is also helpful to have a wide variety of sex toys at the hen party. This may include couples sex toys, dress-up items, oils, DVDs and special vibrators just for the bride. Keeping the variety diverse will ensure that the party is interesting and will no doubt lead to some very colorful conversations amongst partygoers. As a party game, you may want to put each sex toy into a plain bag and pass it around the room, allowing the guests to guess what is in the bag!

Sex toys incorporated into the modern hen party certainly will make for a memorable night. Check out the availability of sex toys online and use them as the basis for this event. Be sure that the selection fits the crowd and go for a wide variety. The bride will thank you and the groom is sure to be appreciative as well!

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