Black Friday deals: just one great thing we stole from America

Our cousins over in the US are pretty damn good at celebrations. Halloween, for example, which in the UK used to be a fairly half-hearted excuse to throw a sheet over your head and get drunk, has been turned into a fairly epic celebration thanks to the American enthusiasm for dressing up and trick-or-treating. Brits have jumped on board by throwing epic Halloween parties of our own, and we even get in on the action by writing Halloween blog posts.

Other amazing things that America has given us include great TV shows (if you’re not watching The Good Place yet then honestly you’re missing out), incredible food (their cheese might suck but their cheeseburgers are way better than ours) and brilliant sex toys like

And perhaps top of all the US traditions – especially for people like me who can’t resist a bargain – is the Black Friday sale.

Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving – the idea being that once people have spent their Thanksgiving eating turkey and hanging out with friends and family, the day after they will want to hit the shops. So companies offer incredible deals to tempt them in, occasionally causing havoc in shopping centres.

But thanks to the power of the internet, there’s no need to queue for hours to pick up a bargain. And you don’t even need to wait for Black Friday itself – which this year falls on the 24th November. At we’ve started the Black Friday sale a little early, so you can pick up bargains right this second and then enjoy them while everyone else is busy scouring websites and queuing outside shops.

Top Black Friday sex toy deals

There are plenty of bargains to be found on our Black Friday sex toys deals page, so you should check it out for the full list, but I’m just going to suggest a few here to whet your appetite, along with some activities you might like to include them in…

Impound chastity device – over 50% off!

This magnificent (or terrifying – depending on your inclinations) toy is over 50% off in the Black Friday sale, so if you’ve been toying with the idea of chastity play, now is the perfect time to turn your fantasies into reality. Chastity devices are designed to lock onto the penis, preventing you from getting hard or touching yourself. While you need to take things slowly (don’t start off by locking yourself in for weeks at a time), you can eventually build up to long periods of enforced chastity – making for tremblingly brilliant releases when your key holder eventually unlocks the cage…

Furry bunny tail butt plug – nearly half price!

Remember a few months ago when I wrote about my obsession with furry tail butt plugs? Check out that blog post if you need any persuasion at all about why these things are so animalistically sexy. But basically now’s your chance to find out how hot you (or your partner) looks when adorned like a Playboy bunny.

Bondage rope – nearly half price!

Black Friday deals give you a great excuse to stock up on staples. And bondage rope counts as a staple, right? Well, it does in my house. If you’re into bondage, having a few different kinds of rope (and a few different lengths) means that you can level up your tying skills – from doing simple knots to get someone tied and spreadeagled to the bed to more complex chest ties, which hug someone tightly and give you something to hold them by while you’re shagging. Doing full-on, Shibari-style bondage can take a lot of time and practice to learn, but it’s certainly more fun than most other hobbies…

Tenga double-hole cup – nearly £5 off!

It’s become a bit of a running joke in my house that I am obsessed with Tenga products. But to be honest I don’t care – it’s like someone taking the mick out of you because you’re always seen drinking champagne, or because you’ve got great taste in shoes. I love Tenga because they make beautiful dick toys, which have never failed to get my partner hot under the collar (or, more accurately, under the pants). This one I’m highlighting not only because it’s a total bargain at £13, but also because you can combine it with a vibrator in one of the holes to give your dick tingling vibration sensations along with the squishy, lubed-up goodness of a masturbation sheath.

Nipple and clit clamps – nearly half price!

The thrill of nipple clamps is, in my opinion, much more than just the sensation of having your nipples tightly pinched – though that in itself is pretty exceptional. The hottest thing about them for me, though, is the incredible opportunity for teasing and control. Holding on to the chain (or in the case of these ones, the lovely beaded rope) that is strung between them. Having a dominant partner tug on them gently to either chastise you or instruct you to move into a different position is heavenly. This set comes with a connected clit clamp too – giving even more opportunity for control and domination. Perfect.

Black Friday bargains… get in there early!

As the pedantic among you might have noticed, it’s a little bit early for Black Friday. Technically the date falls on the 24th November this year – next week. But we’re the kind of people who get our Christmas decorations up in November, and our Halloween haunt on as soon as summer’s disappeared, so we thought we’d give you the chance to pick up a bargain or two before everyone else’s Black Friday sale frenzy begins. Browse the Black Friday sex toys deals page, and make the most of it!

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