Birth control for men!?

Scientists in America have used a pill developed to block a cancer-causing gene to alter sperm production – offering the possibility for future development of an oral male contraceptive pill!

The ingredient compound, JQ1 gets into the blood-testis boundary to disrupt spermatogenesis – the process which makes sperm progress into mature sperm. This process results in a smaller number of sperm produced, at a lower quality and thus disadvantages the fertilization process.

James Bradner, of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Bayer College of Medicine has said – “While we will be conducting more research to see if we can build on our current findings, JQ1 shows initial promise as a lead compound for male contraception.”

With such promising results, people everywhere await the day when it’ll be the guy’s turn to say “It’s alright, I’m on the pill!”

At HQ, we love this idea, and can only imagine the implications!



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