Best man broadcasts newlywed couple’s sex antics on Twitter

A newlywed couple found their sexual antics under scrutiny when the groom’s best man attached sensors to their bed to count how many times they did the deed.

The mischievous mate set up pressure sensors that would not only measure the frequency of the sex sessions during the pair’s honeymoon, but also the duration.

Updates were then sent to a page on social networking site Twitter, which was rather aptly named newlywedsontjob.

There was even a frenzy index showing followers how forcefully the couple were going at it each time.

The prankster insisted the stint was payback for the jokes the groom played on him when the roles were reversed and he got married.

He swore that he would never reveal the identity of the couple, although he said he might let his mate in on the gag when he returns from his holiday.

The first session lasted 22 minutes and five seconds and had a frenzy rating of four. The second, while shorter in duration, reached an impressive nine on the frenzy scale.

Another two were recorded by the sensors, although that’s not to say the couple didn’t have any more sex during their honeymoon.

The bed isn’t the only place they could have done it!

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