Being faithful keeps you healthy!

Medical researchers at the Italian Society of Sexual Medicine found that cardiovascular problems in men were greatly reduced by a healthy sex life and remaining faithful to a life partner, Britain’s The Daily Telegraph reported.

Chief researcher Emmanuele Jannini said: “Increased sexual activity produces more testosterone, which leads to less depression and a better cardiovascular performance, which means an improved metabolism.”

The study of 4000 men showed that those who were unfaithful to their partners registered poorer cardiovascular results, due to their living with the ‘stress’ of infidelity.

“What was evident from the research was that men who had active sex lives and were faithful to their partners had fewer cardiovascular complaints and lived longer,” Dr Jannini said. Men produce testosterone during sex, helping reduce the risks of heart disease. Men with unhappy sex lives were at greater risk of developing depression, she added.”

The ISSM also heard that mobile phone use had the ability to “put sperm to sleep”.

The study by La Sapienza University in Rome and Latina’s Santa Maria Goretti Hospital found “a correlation between cellphone use and a worsening in sperm mobility”.

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