Bedroom Athletics: 100,000 Olympic Condoms to be used!

The games have been organised, the arenas built, the budget blown and the athletes…raring to go!

Well at least raring to go in one way as officials are set to hand out around 100,000 condoms to their athletes for the London Games!

The sexy freebies have been handed out to athletes since the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona with the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney running out of their initial supply of 70,000, forcing organisers had to fork out for 20,000 more!

During the 2004 Athens Games, officials brought in a whopping 130,000 wraps while the Beijing organisers created 100,000 all with the motto “faster, higher, stronger” emblazoned on them! These athletes have got serious game!

So it would appear that the magic number seems to be about 100,000: for either winter or summer games, assuming that generally, condoms are used between two people, with the number presupposing 29 encounters in two weeks.

The question is, why so many?

One proposed reason for the condom binge is that many competitors will abstain from sex for up to six weeks before the Olympics, supposedly to build maximum testosterone levels and get a competitive advantage. So after their event, more than one champagne cork pops, so to speak.

It’s also been noted that many athletes of this higher level have committed themselves primarily to sport, so don’t usually have partners or kids. Leaving them free to hook up after their events (and body parts) are wrapped up!

When looking at the likelihood factors, there’s a strong chance that there’s a lot of activity, all varied by sub-culture: with certain sports having different language, behavioral, and even sexual norms. However we can’t necessarily estimate the number of sexual incidents by the number of condoms being handed out. (Who knows, maybe it’s a better souvenir than a t-shirt?).

No formal studies have been trialled to track the sexual activity by athletes during the Games, but even though there’s no finite proof, and the condom stat is often met with laughter, health officials are probably on the right track. In addition to the STI issue, it’s probably not a great idea to end up with a baby boom nine months from now, even though those kids would be ridiculously genetically gifted!

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