Athletes to enjoy Olympian sex sessions

Athletes attending the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver will be getting plenty of sex if the number of free condoms being handed out is anything to go by.

Officials are supplying sportsmen and women at the games with 100,000 latex sheaths to make sure they stay safe while enjoying themselves after their events.

According to AlterNet, that adds up to 29 sexual encounters in two weeks, or two a day, for each competitor taking part.

So do the Canadians really expect the athletes to get through 100,000 condoms, or are they being overly cautious by shipping in so many supplies?

It could very well be the former, as most skiers, snowboarders, lugers, bobsledders and skaters go without sex for weeks before their competitions in order to boost their hormone levels.

So it makes sense that these young, fit and sex-starved athletes would want to get jiggy as soon as possible after they peel off their lycra suits.

However, participants in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 didn’t manage to get through all the supplies.

Around 100,000 condoms were handed out for free, but 5,000 were left over after the games and were auctioned off last year.

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