Art gallery puts sex in the picture, literally

Visitors to a popular art gallery in Vienna may find that if they pop in after hours they are in for a seductive surprise.

The Secession contemporary art museum, situated in the city centre, has opened a nightly swingers club, which quite literally puts sex in the picture.

Once the doors are closed to daytime tourists, the Element6 club becomes a playground for adult fantasies in a setting that’s rich with inspiration, including erotic art, paraphernalia and mind-blowing materials such as latex and leather.

Anyone who swings by will get the chance to meet a host of like-minded people, while taking advantage of the venue’s dancefloor, S&M room and various other arousing amenities.

The sex club forms part of an ongoing art exhibition aiming to break down and challenge people’s sexual inhibitions and its certainly achieving its goals.

Meanwhile, swinging seems to be gaining a wave of popularity after an international cruise operator, YOLO (You Only Live Once), Cruises announced it was to offer sex-themed holidays to the Bahamas this summer.

With that in mind, you may be set for a swinging summer of love.

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