Another move forward for gay rights

Hallelujah! On Tuesday 5th February the House of Commons voted in favour of ‘gay’ marriage. While gay and lesbian couples have long been able to have a civil partnership, they were still excluded from the privilege and rights of legal marriage.

There were 400 votes for and 175 votes against the bill and not surprisingly, most of the votes in favour came from Labour and lefty Leb-Dems. So we still have some way to go until everyone in the land realizes that other people getting married, whoever they are, has no impact on anyone else’s lives or marriages. At least we’re making some moves in the right direction.

The bill, which allows religious institutions to choose whether or not they wish to perform same sex marriages, still has to pass through the House of Lords. Apparently Prime Minister Cameron plans to have the law in place by summertime.

Let’s hope that the House of Lords does the right thing and allows anyone in love to have access to marriage if they wish it.




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