Amy Childs in 3 in a bed shocker!

As well as flirting with model Bobby and young actor Lucien Laviscount, the former star of The Only Way Is Essex  has developed a close friendship with Irish pop duo Jedward – even enjoying a cheeky three-in-a-bed moment.

She invited them both under the duvet, prompting photographer Darryn Lyons to suggest Childs could date both of them.  But a horrified Edward put paid to the idea, saying: ‘You can’t go out with two people at the same time.’

However, the TOWLIE star’s mum claims her daughter will not be having sex with anyone in the house for risk of facing the fury of her family.

She claims that Amy fancied Big Brother housemate Bobby Sabel but told new! magazine: ‘She is a little bit flirtatious but she won’t be kissing anyone in there.  She knows what she’d face when she got out of the house. She isn’t like that, though.’

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