Amanda Holden enjoys sexting hubby

Amanda Holden has revealed that she and her husband indulge in regular sexting sessions to help keep the spark alive.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge said she is simply too busy to enjoy regular bedroom action with music executive Chris Hughes.

But nookie is never far from her mind when she’s without him, as the pair send raunchy messages to one another instead.

She said her best friend is pregnant, which has made her consider having more children.

“But you have to have sex to have a baby and actually see your husband,” she lamented. “We sext each other.”

Kids may not be on the horizon for Amanda, but her fellow judge Simon Cowell may soon be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet.

The music mogul is engaged to new love Mezhgan Hussainy and has hinted that he may be ready for children.

Amanda said recently that she thinks Simon would make a great dad.

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