Alexandra Burke says no to sex

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is so focused on her career that she’s given up on men and sex.

According to Digital Spy, the Bad Boys singer told Fabulous magazine that she tried not to let her desires distract her from her job.

Instead, she channels her sexual energy into her music, even though she finds it difficult to stay single.

“I’ve been celibate for a year because I know what I’m like,” she said. “I’m the worst chooser of men. I always go for the older ones because I just can’t help myself.”

Although it’s hard, she claimed she’s not looking for anyone at the moment. She did say however, that when the right guy does come along, she’ll jump on him!

Alexandra, who won the TV talent contest last year, is looking to crack America after enjoying chart success in the UK.

She’s reportedly looking to collaborate with Beyonce next year.

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