Air sex – only in America

You’ve heard of air guitar right?  But what about air sex? No, thought not!

The World Air Sex Championships will be getting underway in the US next month and contestants will be asked to simulate sex in front of a live audience, with no props and only their imaginations to guide them.

They will have to act out a meeting with their imaginary partner and attempt to seduce them, before moving on to foreplay and finally intercourse.

The competition’s host, comedian Chris Trew, offered some advice to those hoping to impress the judges with their air sex moves.

“Have a costume, have a plan and commit 100 per cent to whatever you’re doing,” he said.

“If you’re having sex with a goat then I wanna see you stroking its horns. I want that goat to be turned on.”

We’ve heard of role-playing but surely that’s taking things a little too far………..

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