Actress hosts saucy girlie party

Jennifer Love Hewitt threw a raunchy get together for her girlfriends recently and invited a seduction expert along to give them a few bedroom tips.

The Ghost Whisperer actress hosted a sex toys party and invited a number of close pals to view and purchase some of the latest saucy gadgets.

During the evening, the ladies played a game called What’s Your Sexy Fantasy which saw them reveal their innermost desires.

Afterwards, they shopped for a range of lingerie, beauty products and vibrators to treat themselves and their other halves.

Jennifer herself stocked up on numerous goodies. A source said she bought “a ton of bedside staples” including chocolate body paint, bondage tape and naughty underwear.

Let’s just hope the lingerie matches her latest accessories – the 30-year-old recently revealed that she has had her private parts bejewelled.

“It’s called vajazzling,” she said on US chat show Lopez Tonight. “After a break-up a friend of mine Swarovski-crystalled my precious lady and it shined like a disco ball.”

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