Actress buys condoms in bulk

Buying your condoms in bulk may be a great way to ensure you always practice safe sex. At least that’s what actress Olivia Munn thought.

The Iron Man 2 star said she went out in search of latex sheaths and bought a bunch of them with a promotional gift card she’d been given.

However, while most people can do their condom shopping in peace, celebrities can’t escape the long lenses of the paparazzi for long.

Olivia was snapped emerging from a sex shop in Hollywood with a bag stuffed to the brim.

“The one day in my life I went out expressly to buy condoms, the cameras were following me,” she lamented.

“Now there are pictures of me with a bag overflowing with condoms.”

The actress isn’t the only celebrity who likes to stock up. JLS singer Aston Merrygold revealed recently that his mum regularly sends him a stash of condoms, which he hands out to his band mates.

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