A World Cup win ‘better than sex’

It seems that the euphoria of a World Cup win would be better than sex for many men across the country.

According to the Mirror newspaper, a survey by milkshake brand Frijj has revealed that 12 per cent of guys would go without sex for a whole year if it meant England could win the football tournament.

And it’s not just their partners they would turn down in favour of lifting the trophy. Some 51 per cent said they would prefer a victory for their national team than a night of passion with FHM’s sexiest woman Cheryl Cole.

One-third of the guys said they would happily do the housework for 12 months for an England win, while 14 per cent said they’d grow a mullet like former footballer Chris Waddle.

But before women start feeling put out over the idea that their partners would rather see their team win than have sex, they should perhaps know that, according to a survey by Kellogg’s, one-fifth of girls would give up nookie before chocolate.

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