A good bargain V’s a good bonk

It’s a well known fact that Brits love a bargain, but now the true extent of our love for special offers has been revealed.

According to researchers at the University of Westminster, shoppers are as turned on by cheap deals as they are by the prospect of a session in the sack.

Using a system that tracks eye movement, the team examined the reactions of a group of volunteers as they were exposed to money-off coupons and vouchers for free gifts.

Responses were measured on a scale of one to ten, with ten being equivalent to severe trauma. A score of five to seven is the same as that achieved when someone is physically aroused.

The volunteers’ brains were found to react in the same way to the bargains as they would to a pornographic film.

So if you want to get your other half in the mood for some bedroom action, perhaps you should start cutting out the supermarket coupons from the newspaper.

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