4 reasons why you should subscribe to a sex blog

This week saw the release of the latest top 100 sex blogs list. So to salute the fabulous guys and girls who share their sexy stories and wisdom, we thought we’d give you a few reasons to go and subscribe to a new sex blog…

I’m obviously biased when it comes to sex blogs, seeing as I’ve spent the last four years writing my own and realising just how amazing it can be to be really open about sex. If you’re reading this here, you’re probably already pretty comfortable chatting about sex, and we doubt you’re the kind of person who’d be shy about introducing sex toys or sexy chat into the bedroom.

But there’s always room for more – whether it’s a new erotic blog with some stories to inspire you, or a sex toy reviewer with a great new take on you favourite products.

This week, the lovely Molly who blogs at MollysDailyKiss, released her top 100 sex bloggers of 2015. Go and check out the list, follow some of the brilliant people, and subscribe to your favourites.

Here are four reasons why…

4. Get a different perspective

No matter how much of a sexual expert you are (and I like to think I’m not a novice myself), there are always new ideas and scenarios that you can be inspired by, and possibly bring into your own bedroom. Whether it’s a new tie to try out with your bondage rope, or a sexy game you can play, or advice on how to use that large butt plug that you haven’t quite managed to succeed with yet. Whatever you’re into, I can guarantee you that a sex blogger somewhere will have touched on it before.

3. Get sex toy recommendations

There are plenty of bloggers who focus on sex toy reviews – aiming to be the Which? Best Buy of naughty products. They have the expertise to tell you which materials you should be choosing, and the experience to advise on the best things to buy.

2. See beautiful pictures

I’ve definitely banged on here before about the amazing sex blog scavenger hunt (which involves getting naked in a variety of interesting places then snapping a cheeky pic). Many of the top sex blogs will also take part in memes like Sinful Sunday, where bloggers take an erotic photo each week. So if you subscribe to your favourites, you’ll see some beautiful things.

1. Join in with competitions and challenges

If you’ve made it this far and you’re not yet convinced, let me tell you that plenty of bloggers run amazing competitions and challenges – offering prizes of cool sex toys or lingerie, erotic books, and other goodies.

Peruse the list of top 100 Sex Bloggers, let us know which are your favourites in the comments, and share a bit of the love. I know it takes a huge amount of time for Molly to put the list together, so let’s share it far and wide and make sure these awesome bloggers get a bit of love!

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