Scots ‘uninformed’ about STIs

A new report by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain has uncovered a worrying lack of knowledge about sexual health in Scotland.

The research showed that four out of ten Scottish adults cannot name any of the sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) that are common north of the border.

Despite this, six out of ten feel they do not need any form of advice about STIs and contraception.

Furthermore, three out of ten said would use the internet to find information on STIs instead of consulting a doctor.

Sandra Melville, chair of the Scottish Pharmacy Board, said this knowledge gap could have serious consequences.

“Low levels of awareness about sexual health and where to go to get help will result in more people catching an STI and more unplanned pregnancies,” she explained.

According to the latest statistics from NHS National Services Scotland, almost one-quarter of all acute STO diagnoses are made in people under the age of 20.


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