20% of young people do what?!

Viva la technology revolution!

A smart phone is an extraordinary thing, but do 20% of young people really use them during sex?

According to a Mobile Consumer Habits survey, completed by Jumio, 20% of young adults (aged 18-34) have said that they use their smart phones whilst having sex. A surprising statistic to say the least, apparently text-tastic Americans can’t put their phone down, even in the midst of passion!

We’re wondering, who were the respondents? Not only is it er, bad bedroom etiquette, but if your sex life’s that boring – maybe a conversation is on the cards (in person, not via text).

Although the survey did not question what exactly the participants were using their phones for, we’re hoping it was for something slightly kinkier than replying to work emails!

Next time that screen lights up in the throws of passion, ignore it, and ignite the magic our fine selection of electronic goods – here.

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