Young men ‘more complacent’ about prostate cancer dangers

Younger men tend to be more complacent about the dangers of prostate cancer, believing that the disease only affects their older counterparts.

This is the view of John Robertson, a nurse at the Prostate Cancer Charity, who said there is a need to educate young men about the symptoms.

“It’s not something that immediately makes itself known,” he explained, pointing out that although the vast majority of prostate cancer cases occur in older men, young men are not immune.

“In that sense it is very important that all men take responsibility for that and make sure that they are aware of the sort of symptoms to look out for,” he added.

His comments come after the Prostate Cancer Charity found that although more than half of adult men have a good relationship with their father, only one in ten would feel comfortable discussing health issues with him.

Mr Robertson urged young men to speak to their dads if they have any concerns about their own health, which will help to raise awareness among both age groups.

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