BB housemates already missing sex

They’ve been in the house for less than a week, but the Big Brother housemates are already missing sex.

Lock up any group of good looking strangers together and throw away the key and there’s bound to be some sexual tension.

But some confessed their frustrations over the weekend, with Beyonce lookalike Rachel admitting she misses her sex toys as well as her boyfriend.

According to the Daily Star, she claimed she is used to “getting it” whenever she wants at home.

She added: “I wanted to bring my vibrator in with me but my boyfriend wouldn’t let me.”

Lesbian housemate Shabby Katchadourian also said she was feeling “really horny”.

“If there was someone I fancied in here, then yeah, of course I’d get down to it,” she claimed.

There has been plenty of flirting going on as well, with John and Josie getting particularly close in the last few days.

A BB insider told the Daily Star: “We’re used to the housemates getting sexually frustrated but not this early.”

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